Get The Relief For Your Rib Pain in Surfing!


$36 (include tax)



The RIBGUARD is designed for preventing your rib pain while paddling in surfing.

  • REDUCE RIB PAIN : 5mm neoprene pad protects your rib and reduce your rib pain while paddling
  • LONG LASTING : High-quality neoprene and high sewing techniques
  • COMFORT : Soft and elastic fabric for a comfortable fit
  • ADJUSTABLE : Approximetaly 6 inches stretch and surface is covered with pile fabric so that you can adjust to any position you want
  • DIMENSIONS of PAD : 10.8 x 3.9 inches x 5mm

The day when you paddle a lot, you may feel pain around 6th or 7th rib. If you continue paddling with that pain many days, it got swollen around that. It’s a tumor consisting of fatty tissue. Following photos show what it is like.

If you keep surfing as it is, there is a possibility that a small lump form in the tumor. If the lump is sandwiched between surfboard and your rib, it causes sharp pain. Once you have it, you need to have a surgery to get rid of it. This is the photo of after surgery friend of mine had.

The RIBGUARD made of a combination of high-quality neoprene and elastic soft nylon. You can use it without any uncomfortable feeling even if you surf for a long time.

Keep this out of direct sunlight. It drops in quality of neoprene.


26″ – 34″ (measure circumference of the rib gage)

Length : 30.7 inches (Approximately 6 inches stretch)
Width : 3.9 inches
Thickness : 1mm

Part of Pad
Length : 10.8 inches
Width : 3.9 inches
Thickness : 5mm

Made in Japan

RIBGUARD situation

  • The day you need to paddle a lot because of good wave or hard condition.
  • After a log time of surfing
  • For surf trip
  • Those who want to prevent any skin problem.